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Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road is located in Baiyun Road, Yuexiu District, downtown, Beijing Road, commercial and gourmet pedestrian street, Haizhu Square Business District, near the beautiful Pearl River; It takes about 7 minutes to walk to the hotel, 10 minutes to walk to Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, 20 minutes to drive to Pazhou Exhibition Center, and 10 minutes to Pearl River new town and Tianhe City Shopping Center; The surrounding Wenming road snack street, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Zhonghua square business circle, Haiyin electric appliance city, Yanjiang Road Bar Street, Haizhu Square and Dashatou Pearl River night tour have their own characteristics, bringing you a business trip in Guangzhou that blends local customs and modern atmosphere.
The hotel creates a new fashion luxury room with exclusive 50m optical fiber, VIP member large screen cinema room, world-famous Haima ergonomic mattress, with moderate hardness and soft, which can bring you a sweet sleep experience, high-density cotton skin bedding and towel equipment can bring you comfortable enjoyment, and international famous bathroom brand can bring you a pleasant bath experience. There are double-layer sound insulation glass floor to ceiling windows, quiet and distant, overlooking the magnificent scenery of the Pearl River. Let your accommodation become a kind of enjoyment!
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FAQs when booking at Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road
  • How far is the hotel from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport?

    Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road is 29.1km from the airport.

  • Does Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road?

    Check-in time is from 12:00, and check-out time is until 13:00 at Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road.

  • Does Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Paco Hotel - Guangzhou Tuanyida Metro Branch Baiyun Road?

    The room prices is from cny358, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • Angel high
    Parking is not very convenient, everything else is OK.
  • panbeifeng
    Help business friends predict high cost performance.
  • olive1120
    Overall, it's good. The supermarket and hotel nearby are convenient
  • ljrenju
    There is only one elevator in the hotel. The lobby is messy and the rooms are OK. It's high-class and fast.
  • SeanLam
    I don't think the rooms on the 14th and 15th floors are as good as those downstairs. It's better to choose the rooms on the 12th floor next time.
  • bjysxy20080002
    This hotel is really good. It has fast service, complete facilities and a full set of toilet. Toto is great
  • lynnlynn
    The room environment is good, the sanitary conditions are OK, the facilities are complete, the service attitude is OK, the location of the hotel is convenient to travel, and it is close to the place of work, so I feel good overall.
  • lovelave
    Good location. All aspects of environmental sanitation were pretty good
  • lry0416
    Not bad!
  • anny_w
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's very convenient to stay in this hotel for many times. The biggest advantage is to call for free. It seems that the hotel has just been renovated, the price has increased a lot, and the cost performance has decreased,
  • e01340855
    Okay, okay, good
  • lipucun1111
  • alfonso2004
    It's different from the last check-in. 1. I arrived at more than 2:00 in the middle of the night and told that the room still needed to be cleaned, but I was the guarantee room. 2. If the rain is too small after check-in, change the room the next day. 3. After changing the room, I found that the air conditioner couldn't give out the warm air. I think I'll go for another day.
  • guyu73
    The environment is very good and the geographical location is also very good. I will come again next time
  • sepco
    It's a good room, but the TV doesn't work very well
  • pcslavery
    Pretty good, quite economical
  • songyujia2001
  • fanli983
    All aspects of the facilities are quite perfect, the environment is good, that is, the room exhaust fan, the space sound is quite noisy.
  • e05044705
    very good
  • Of charity
    Compared with the nearby hotels, the cost performance is good
  • gedadiao
    Newly renovated, upgraded rooms, good service, will continue to help
  • gsx01
    Except the price is a little higher, everything else is good!
  • PWang
    The price is cheap and the hotel is very comfortable
  • banxiadanggui
    The service was very good
  • maomaoapplecn
    The environment is good.
  • baima102
    The hotel has good hygiene, good service and good indoor environment. It is recommended to choose this hotel.
  • Carrey_ye
  • amylily
    not bad
  • amyelise
    Although I only booked one day online, I stayed for another day because of work needs, clean and comfortable rooms and complete equipment (music playing in the room, very relaxed). It's really worth living in such a room at this price. I hope there will be more preferential activities in the future!
  • buguniao
  • eyelee100
    Very satisfied with the room.
  • xxandbb
    Everything else is OK, but next door is KTV, I don't feel good
  • lxc8924
    It's OK, but the carpet is a little dirty
  • cy924weiwei
    The room is big enough and the location is very good. At the beginning, there were cockroaches in the room. Later, when I changed the room, I still had lingering palpitations
  • e00002337
    I feel worse every time. On the first day of check-in, there are traces of body fluids left by previous people on the sheets. It's disgusting to think about it. Later, the room changed a strange smell, with traces of mildew everywhere. I gave a score of 5 before. I really think the hotel can't ignore many details because of good business.
  • laonui
    I stayed in Guangzhou for the first time and drove into Guangzhou for the first time. The location of the hotel is a little remote. I found it only after two wrong trips. Free parking in the underground parking lot. The room is newly decorated. It's OK, but the wash basin is beside the bed. It's a little strange. There's a restaurant downstairs. There's tea in the morning and evening. It's a little expensive.
  • bbroomxj
  • amandabianca_2
    Convenient access, affordable, good service attitude.
  • JoJo and the Soviet Union
    Very good accommodation. It's just a little noisy near the elevated. The water pressure is not very stable, but it's great overall.
  • ioxml
  • cucu1818
    The hotel is very good. I began to see the lobby very humble. I think it's bad. Maybe the room is not as good as that. But as soon as I entered the room, I felt really good. It was big enough and hygienic. The wet and dry slippers were separated. It would be better if the towel could be white. The lift suck no effort, only one can go up, and the two floor can not be eaten yet, which is very inconvenient.
  • e00159267
    After decoration and upgrading. Very cost-effective
  • Devil_F
    Not bad, but the environment is not as good as Dongfeng Road
  • Jennymao
    The elevator doesn't feel safe! I suggest eating out for breakfast!
  • gaolisa
    It's freezing to death. There's no warm air in the room
  • iamppj
    Very satisfied, clean and tidy, no shortage, next time will check in
  • drowning
    I think it's a little old after decoration. It's pretty good overall, but I don't like the public lobby. Everyone has it
  • ayang
    This room is good. It's amazing.
  • Aciel
  • TP137
    It's good. It's my third time.
  • axin520
    It should be good
  • cadygan
    Breakfast is too bad, front desk checkout is too slow
  • e05157220
    Generally, the cost performance is not high
  • nb354743550
    The initial reason for choosing Baigao Hotel Baiyun Road store is that the comprehensive comments are good, and the geographical location is relatively good. It is close to China square, Shangxiajiu, Beijing Road, Shamian and other famous places in Guangzhou. It's not difficult to find a place. You can get there by subway and bus. The bus can go directly downstairs, but the subway takes a few minutes, so you choose the subway to take a taxi. You don't jump the watch. You can choose the subway to walk next time. After all, you know how to go this time. It is a comprehensive building. The building is not a pure hotel. There will be office buildings, meals, chess and cards. Previously, I saw other comments and felt that such a hotel would be miscellaneous, but because I paid more attention to the room environment, I didn't equate it with the situation of the lobby and the room. Overall, the lobby is good. The check-in time was earlier, so it didn't appear that there were too many people. Like other hotels, guests are not required to check in after 2 o'clock. After we arrived at the store, we didn't have a clean room for us, but the front desk staff said they had asked the waiter to clean the room. After asking, the hotel has more than 120 rooms, but there are no clean rooms for us. It can be seen that the occupancy rate here is not low. In about 30 minutes, we got our room card. Similarly, because it is a comprehensive building, elevators are also distinguished, with special elevators for hotels. After entering the elevator, you need to brush the room card to press the elevator floor. It can be seen that the hotel has done relatively well in terms of safety. Out of the elevator, the first feeling will be warm. The warm yellow light, the selection of carpet, wall cloth and hanging pictures will have a quiet and comfortable feeling. After entering the door, insert the card to get electricity, and the room will automatically sound music, which will have a feeling of small surprise. The room is bright. The paintings at the head of the bed and the washstand are very perceptive. If you look carefully, you will find that they are hand-painted. It can be seen that the hotel has spent a lot of time on decoration design. Each room is an independent network, so the network will not be blocked due to the large number of guests. TV is network TV and has the function of watching back on demand. Unfortunately, there is no Hong Kong TV, but you can still find your favorite Hong Kong Series in watching back. Over the black glass is the open bathroom, which will make the whole room wide and comfortable. Toto is used in the wash basin, which shows the intention of the hotel again. The use of shower gel shampoo also feels very good. It doesn't feel like it's cheap. Open the drawer, there are free coffee and tea bags, there are free drinks and biscuits in the refrigerator, and the wardrobe is equipped with disposable slippers, sewing bag, laundry bag and bathrobe,Hair dryer and umbrella. It can be said to have everything. The room is well shaded. After pulling it, I really sleep until dark. I don't know whether it's dawn until I open the curtains or look at my mobile phone, so as to ensure a good sleep. There were 4 pillows in the room, but because I was used to buckwheat pillows, I asked if there were any other pillows. Unexpectedly, there were buckwheat pillows! Praise one! You can see that the setting of the light position is very good. If the people next to you sleep and you still want to play with your mobile phone and read books, you can adjust the light switch according to the situation for your convenience, and you can also take into account the feelings of the people next to you. In the morning, I went down to ask the place near the front desk to eat, and the front desk also gave detailed instructions. Finally, we chose Daoxiang restaurant on the second floor, a typical Cantonese tea place. Although the price is a little not cheap, we will think that the cost performance is OK. In fact, there are still a lot of places to eat. There are both Cantonese and Hunan cuisine. There are convenience stores at the front and rear doors. You can directly ask the waiter to deliver the drinks if you don't buy them downstairs. The price won't say it's very expensive. Overall, the stay was pleasant, but I think the overall quality of the staff still needs to be improved. Because during the check-in process, we will find that some staff have a very good attitude, and some of them are slightly inadequate. It is said that the hotel will carry out the final decoration after the spring fair, so we will have a greater expectation.
  • dydy_0000
    It's a good choice. I'll choose this one again next time. My family are quite satisfied
  • lemon116
    Why is there no razor in the room? It is suggested to increase.
  • eslove
    The environment is good, but the room is very wet